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Hydraulic Fluid Supplement

Extends fluid life in any hydraulic system!

Increased demands on today’s hydraulic systems warrants using the best protection available. LUBEGARD Hydraulic Fluid Supplement will give you that protection!

LUBEGARD restores depleted additives in the original fluid and introduces other special fluids that include the proprietary LXE Technology.

Independent test labs have proven that LUBEGARD Hydraulic Fluid Supplement will reduce wear 2 to 3 times. LUBEGARD Hydraulic Fluid Supplement increases the migratory capabilities of the fluid. LUBEGARD also raises the thermal and oxidation stability level of the fluid so that it will not break down at elevated temperatures.

Numerous tests have shown reduction in fluid temperatures of 40° to 80° F. LUBEGARD Hydraulic Fluid Supplement will virtually eliminate foaming, drastically reducing cavitation which is so important in hydraulic systems today.

Sticky valves are virtually eliminated and fluid life is extended due to heat reduction and transfer; seals and components also have increased life span.

  • Reduces hydraulic fluid temperatures
  • Inhibits hydraulic fluid foaming and oxidation
  • Reduces system and pump wear
  • Prevents sticking and seizing of actuators and servo valves
  • Increases fluid life
  • Reduces downtime due to need to change hydraulic fluid
  • Will not create sludge or varnish
  • Does not contain harmful chemical enhancers
  • Restores depleted additives in system
  • Keeps valves and orifices free of deposits
  • Saves down time, energy & money!
Hydraulic Fluid


Suited for use in components which have steel, cast iron, copper, brass, bronze and aluminum parts. Is not harmful to cadmium, lead, zinc or magnesium.

                                                                                                                  Elastomer Packing & Seals:

Compatible with buna N, fluorosilicone, polyacrylates, viton and neoprene elastomers, and Teflon® back-up rings.

Hydraulic Oils:

Compatible with petroleum and synthetic oils.